Monday, July 07, 2008

generator ready to use

The toString() generator reached the state where it can be useful. For now there's only one coding style - string concatenation, but I plan add more of them. There's support for templates and all the options visible in the dialog have effect on generated method. I'd love to hear opinions from people interested in the subject: are the options useful? are the generated methods well implemented? should something be added? should the templates mechanism be enriched?

Again, to see my work you can apply the latest patch from bug 26070 to the org.eclipse.jdt.ui plugin. I'm sorry if it's inconvenient but I use some internal Eclipse packages and creating a separate plugin would be too difficult for me. If you like, you can download a ready project, import it to Eclipse workspace and run as "Eclipse Application". Here's the project working under Eclipse 3.4 and here version for Eclipse 3.5.

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Anonymous said...

Just an observation, the link used to download the 3.5 version took me to page where an ad on the page would not be work or family friendly. FYI.